Odoo14 New feature - Pricelist printing

Pricelist printing from product list view
September 6, 2020 by
Odoo14 New feature - Pricelist printing
Ingenieux Technologies
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Odoo14 will have many new exiting features and pricelist is one of them. 

When you have price-list for multiple products sometimes its very difficult to check for which product what price-list is applied specially when you define multiple price list for same product.

Generate price-list for Selected products


To generate the price-list for selected products go to Sales->Products and got to list view of the products. After selecting/filter the products select the products you want to generate the price-list. 

Now click on action and click on Generate Price-list option from the action. It will Open another view for selected products and show the price-list. (see below image for the reference)


check pricing for different price-list

Odoo14 allows you to check price-list for selected products see above image for the reference. You can add number of qty . Once you add your desire qty it will show you a new column added with existed columns and show you price for the selected products with respect to the selected price-list.


Update Price-list Even if you have order Lines

Odoo14 allows you to change price-list even if you have order lines and apply new price with Update Prices Button. See above image for the reference.


Odoo14 New feature - Pricelist printing
Ingenieux Technologies September 6, 2020
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