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August 31, 2020 by
Odoo14 - Data Cleaning App
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Odoo14 has introduced a new awesome feature called Data Cleaning.

It’s totally Configurable!

Normally when you start importing data there are some Superfluous Spaces, type Cases, Phone numbers are not in format, have HTML content in data etc.. 

And sometimes you want to clean your data by finding the same email, name or with any other field.

Data leaning module will help you to clean such data Manually/Automatically or help you with finding duplicates with any field.

Odoo14 allows you to create two types of  data cleaning. 

Field Cleaning: Field cleaning is working on the  data you have entered in a particular field.  It's totally configurable on which field you want to do and for which model. Isn't it awesome!

Odoo allows you field cleaning with few options.

Model: Select the model i.e res.partner

Cleaning Mode: Cleaning can be done manually or Automatically.

Notify Users: List Users will notify when there are new records to clean.

Rules: Rules can be set for following

Field To clean: 

Action: Action Options are 

  • Trim Spaces: All you to remove spaces with Two options.

  • Set Type Case: Allows to set type case.

  • Format Phone: Set the phone format

  • Scrap HTML: removes the HTML content.


Trim: Trim has Two options as follows (will work with Trim Spaces action).

  • All Spaces: Remove all space from the Field

  • Superfluous Spaces: Removes 


Model: You can select the model for which you want to find the duplicate records.


Domain: Records eligible for the duplication process.

Cross company: When enables, duplicates across different companies suggested

Duplicate Removal: Allows users to archive  the duplicated records.

Merge mode: Odoo allows you to merge duplicate records automatically or users can do manually.

Notify User: List of users to notify when there are new records to merge.


Duplication Rules:

Once you click on the duplicate button it will show you a list of contracts which are duplicate and show you the percentage of it. 

You can decide if you want to merge it or not.

Odoo14 - Data Cleaning App
Ingenieux Technologies August 31, 2020
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